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Identify and Remediate Weaknesses in Web Apps.

Is your website secure? What assurances do you really have with the third-party web apps you use? If you’re considering implementing one, do you know if it is secure? If you are a developer, have you ensured that your app is ready to withstand an attack from the wild?

Our team tests authentication mechanisms, input screens, user roll access and application logic flaws to identify security weaknesses. We can find how insecure functions and libraries have been used and how authentication and authorization can be broken, and will let you know how exploitation of these vulnerabilities could impact your bottom line.

Questions We Strive To Answer:

  • What security assurances are you given?

  • How long can the application withstand an attack?

  • Does this application have defensive countermeasures built into it?

  • Could an inside attacker exploit holes in your applications?

  • For developers: Does your development team need security training or is security integrated into your development and quality assurance processes?

Things We Have Exposed During Testing:

  • SQL, NoSQL, OS and LDAP injection flaws

  • Incorrectly implemented authentication and session management

  • Web apps or APIs that expose sensitive personal financial or identity information

  • XML External Entity (XXE) processing weaknesses that can lead to disclosure of confidential data and network information

  • Lax enforcement of user restrictions, enabling access to unauthorized functionality and/or data

  • Errors in security configuration, old or unpatched frameworks, OS, libraries and applications

  • XSS (Cross site scripting) flaws

  • Design, logic and implementation flaws

  • Memory corruption

  • Integer promotion bugs

  • Encryption implementation flaws

Find & Fix Security Gaps Before It’s Too Late

Let’s talk about how Packet Ninjas' proactive testing and strategies will strengthen your enterprise security.

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