Real Tests Prepare You for Real Attacks

Having hunted cyber criminals for more than a decade, Packet Ninjas is not your average penetration-testing team. We think like hackers and use all their best TTPs to exploit design, logic and implementation flaws – adapting to the target along the way. This approach uncovers assumptions that represent real risks to your enterprise should it face an actual attack.

Compliance is Good, Stronger Security is Better

Compliance plays an important role in ensuring basic security. However, strong security requires more than basics. You need assurance and an aggressive assessment, not checkbox-based survival. Our goal is to expose vulnerabilities and provide a roadmap that remediates gaps, strengthens security and provides real protection.


Packet Ninjas has supported cybersecurity initiatives for hundreds of clients in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. This includes Fortune 50 companies, as well as U.S.-based and international law enforcement, government, military and intelligence organizations.

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Advisory Services

Strategic Security Guidance

Increasing technology dependence, globalization and large data stores have made cybersecurity a C-suite priority. We provide senior-level consulting that supports mergers and acquisitions, new ventures, advanced threat recognition and nation-state grade cybersecurity expertise.

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Cybersecurity Retainers

Keep Cyber Experts By Your Side

Access advice, application, penetration testing and more, as needed, through a cybersecurity retainer with Packet Ninjas. You’ll strengthen daily operations and decision-making with experts by your side.

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As a Partner, Packet Ninjas Will Help Your Team...

  • Expose security weaknesses in time for proactive remediation

  • Reduce incidents, minimizing downtime and associated costs

  • Strengthen security in addition to adhering to compliance standards

  • Sharpen the skills of your response team

  • Leverage more than a report, with real-world expertise on closing security gaps

  • Make cybersecurity decisions with experts by your side

Packet Ninjas Cybersecurity Experts are Recognized Worldwide for Their Expertise

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Cyber intelligence to hunt, track and document online or real-world malicious activity.

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