Ensure Enterprise and Endpoint Applications are Secure.

Are all of the patches on your organizations' desktop and enterprise applications up-to-date? Have these applications been configured properly? Do you have application controls in place to protect against zero-day attacks where no fixes exist?

Even the best applications are not perfect. And, even if they have security baked-in, hackers are continually evolving and experimenting with new, malicious scripts to exploit ready-made and third-party endpoint software. We use black-box testing to expose common security mis-configurations and a host of other issues.

Weaknesses We Have Exposed During Testing

  • Design, implementation and logic Flaws

  • Memory corruption flaws

  • Insecure encryption implementations

  • Broken access control or malicious use of user IDs

  • Broken authentication

  • Insecure configuration management

  • Insecure storage and transport

  • Buffer overflows

  • Denial of service

  • Operating System vulnerabilities

  • Web Server vulnerabilities

  • Database vulnerabilities

  • Business Logic bugs

Find & Fix Security Gaps Before It’s Too Late

Let’s talk about how Packet Ninjas' proactive testing and strategies will strengthen your enterprise security.

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