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Atlantic Data Forensics knows that In Data There is Truth™. Its team of court-tested forensic experts works with Packet Ninjas to help your company or organization get to that truth in data. Packet Ninjas and Atlantic Data Forensics’ creative cybersecurity solutions are complementary and together help companies hone in on cybersecurity incidents to find out what happened, what files were moved – from where or to where – and tell the story of what was happening on a computer at a specific time. This cyber recovery, reconstruction and review of data moves from penetration testing, initial collection of data and forensics to court testimony – even years later. Together, Packet Ninjas and Atlantic Data Forensics offer end-to-end efficient, confidential and secure e-discovery, cybersecurity, IT investigations and data recovery to allow companies and organizations to face any cyber threat. Headquartered in Maryland, Atlantic Data Forensics has offices in Michigan and Colorado. Its team brings high-level computer security and cyber-crime investigation experience to the Packet Ninjas relationship.


ShadowDragon, the sister company of Packet Ninjas, develops digital tools that simplify the complexities of multi-technology, multi-environment online investigations. ShadowDragon solutions are geared toward strengthening the capabilities of investigation teams in all industries with applications that speed the safe collection, correlation and verification of diverse artifacts in the open, deep and dark web.

ShadowDragon tools were originally designed and refined by Packet Ninjas to push forward multi-national investigations involving everything from cyber intrusions, to corporate espionage to real-time situational awareness. The company was established in 2015 to license tools to customers, and they are used today in support of Packet Ninjas knowledge base.

ShadowDragon Investigation Tools:

  • OIMonitor – Monitor the deep and open web for real-time situational awareness

  • SocialNet – Map social media to uncover identities and connections of bad actors

  • MalNet – Expand actionable malware intelligence by visualizing its context

  • AliasDB – Identify and validate a known malicious actor

  • Spotter – Collect and document evidence with stealthy engagement

ShadowDragon solutions are used by hundreds of clients in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. This includes Fortune 50 companies as well as U.S.-based and international law enforcement, government, military and intelligence organizations.

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