Advisory Services

Access Strategic Guidance from Experts.

To keep up, organizations need a real-time understanding of the threat landscape for Cybersecurity Operations and incident response and planning. In today’s threat landscape, many security companies offer tools promising to be the end-all be-all. How do you know which one is best or even where to spend your time and effort?

Answering Your Questions and Solving Problems

Let us use our expertise in the security industry to advise you how best to increase your security posture. We will analyze your network structure and maturity level to develop a custom plan to get you where you want to be.

  • What security assurances are you given?

  • How long can the application withstand an attack?

  • Does this application have defensive countermeasures built into it?

  • Could an inside attacker exploit holes in your applications?

  • For developers: Does your development team need security training or is security integrated into your development and quality assurance processes?

These are all questions organizations routinely have. We can help you make the right decision for your company or organization.


  • Network Security Analysis

  • Security Plans

  • Technology Selection

  • Incident-Response Plans

  • Incident-Response Testing

  • Firewall Rules Audit

  • Penetration-Testing Services

  • Application Assessment Services

Find & Fix Security Gaps Before It’s Too Late

Let’s talk about how Packet Ninjas' proactive testing and strategies will strengthen your enterprise security.

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