Simulate Real-World Breaches to Test Your Enterprise and Team.

True Penetration Testing isn’t an Automated Process.

True testing is not just producing a scan report. And, it’s not just checking the box for compliance. Security-minded penetration testing provides information that answers three key questions:

Where is my enterprise vulnerable to real-world hackers?
Can this vulnerability be re-mediated?
If it can’t be fixed, what steps do I need to take to ensure I am protected and the risk is mitigated?

Hackers Use Manual Tactics, So Do We

Hackers leverage authorization issues and business logic flaws that are not typically caught by automated hacking tools. That is why our team performs both automated and manual testing. Just like hackers would, we use known TTPs to manually exploit your systems and expose the maximum number of weaknesses.

We Aim to Deliver More Than Compliance

We go beyond compliance standards by exposing and exploiting vulnerabilities that could result in a compromise from sophisticated hackers and provide recommendations that strengthen security beyond the letter of compliance.

Our Approach

Our team approaches your enterprise like your adversary would – with no foreknowledge as a black-box test.

We begin by baselining your application or network to understand its functionality, then look for vulnerabilities that can be exploited with no authentication. We examine user-supplied data, logic design and implementation vulnerabilities deep within the application and within the context of normal authenticated users.

At the end of the test, all findings are documented in a report with a detailed explanation of our activities as well as concrete, actionable steps that should be taken to mitigate the findings. We even rank the results to help you prioritize which items are most the most urgent.

Find & Fix Security Gaps Before It’s Too Late

Let’s talk about how Packet Ninjas' proactive testing and strategies will strengthen your enterprise security.

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